About us

Hi !
This cubyfun team. We love board game and have been working on our own board game project for months.
It’s JOYO, our smart board game console. You can get rid of complicated guide books, and don’t have to calculate scores anymore, because JOYO will do it for you, so you can just enjoy the game. Also we have designed several board games and two of them get quite a lot likes. For more details please kindly click our YouTube channel link to view: 

We’re trying to make board games easy to play so that more people could play games face to face, unplug from the virtual world and spend more time with families and friends. If you feel interested in this project, please leave your shipping address, we would be happy to send you a sample set for trial. If you wanna make a video to share, please kindly note, this set of samples is still a prototype. And your suggestions for improvement are always welcome.